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Cortex Strikes Back



I find myself observed by eyes in displays. From windows aside narrow streets, they gaze down from their grandstands. Found behind glass, the transparent material separating them from me is merely stating the intimate sphere, rather than being dividing. I feast on their delicacy, bathed in fluorescent, red light. Their rays reduce color range, blur my mind and kaleidoscope my vision. The seductive hues generate a growing lust in my flesh. Blinded by desire, I’m the one being objectified. 


Here the stimulations are offered in rich assortments. The belladonnas dilate my perspective, only to enhance the hallucinations. The imagery unleashes its immense delights. Its intensity forces a non-focused climax. The thrill is sublime.  


Enclosed within oblivion. The mind is left behind to enjoy the trip. It forces no critical reflection preventing any infiltrating powers accessing its domain. Seeds are easily sown in ingesting soil. Here they will grow undetected, while nurturing on the unawareness of them being there. Seamlessly a deceptive veil will blend in with the origin. The resistance has gotten too badly bruised by affairs with lip service.


A feathers’ tender stroking of the skin upstages the eyes simultaneously being ripped out. It’s a brutal execution. Thus no pain is felt. The insult lies outside the field of consciousness. Dazed by the solid transparency between the pleasantly perceived information, and what passes unnoticed. Sullied by the state of being unaware the manipulation.   


Post stimulation. Ecstasy fades as the last spasms are left to die out. Still in fresh memory of: soft tissue. Notoriously unaware of the parallels between it’s derivation, and the processing through levels of degradation. 


As a product of my time, I obtain my present as it’s presented, and experience appearances in the world as real. Those circumstances being false, I am alike my history, a lie. Barely sheltered from the self-consciousness of fundamental fragility. Subconsciously rejecting everything that can remove any faith in reality. This is a defense mechanism against the perdition that’ll follow with an acceptance of scarce existence. Fighting off total sedimentation by keeping contemporary persistent, to verify its authenticity. Determined to hold on to the everlasting sunset.


Radon leaks out of its latency, poisoning its victims by radiation. The immune system is defenseless. It’s incapable of mobilizing any remedy. It lacks the experience, which leaves out an ability to recognize an awareness of absent knowledge. This excludes the ability to possess what is required to process the projected information. The beam is being blocked. White light increases the contrasting black. Greedy it will persist everything within reach. Nothing is to return. Hence nothing is perceived. Eyes gaze into reflection, seeking the unachievable source.


Depth isn’t attainable at close range. Invisible blinkers are unconsciously limiting the eye span. Subtly counteracting perspective. Making it challenging to derive an awareness of what is perceived as real, is the appearance of how time has been violated through itself. Fiction becomes inseparable with present as it manifests itself in its witnesses. Memories of the past are laid isolated below future.


Submerge space into the vast span of the unknown. Pursue the unrevealed. Seek the perspectives that haven’t already been widened. Find the core. Where existence yet has to become. Where virginal time awaits the mirror stage (1). What remains undiscovered is ever of great significance. Resume the consumption. Put back into vigor the disdained need to uncover. For what stays remote is confining the totality of being. In means that confirmation of ones existence is determined on ones own detection of oneself in the world. Again, this depends on the diversity of ones meetings. The broadening of ones perspective is achieved through the mirroring of others, and how one perceives oneself based on the reaction of oneself in others.                                              


Light breaks down in diamonds, causing the wavelengths to be visible for the naked eye. The intensity penetrates the retina just as hard, independent of the stone’s authenticity. It can be impossible to tell the difference. Favored spectrums have always been generated under constructed conditions. The range is of a selective manner. The sources have faded out into vague recognitions in the periphery between reality and fiction. Discreetly violated by evolution. Leaving substance to decay.


Perplexity wins territory comparable to carbon monoxide suffocating oxygen. The vital substance doesn’t adapt to the changing matrix. Evolving into being compatible ceases it’s existence. Toxicity tears its texture. The chemically constructed prefix of our time is continuously eating out the churn of the reality in which it stands for. By erasing the pathway of its becoming, it reaches the end of being evident of itself. As a definition, the prefix is in need of the history bound to its genesis. Still it’s rejecting its equal like two repelling magnets.


The poses of our time are making smooth castling their crime. Already moved pieces are not allowed for such a move. Leading identity to corrode. The bloodstream reaches the waters edge, causing the clear reflection to dissolve. Blood being life it breaks up the reflection of itself. The parallels take out each other. United they compose the image of the internal fight. Purity terminates. The ability to distinguishing between reality and fiction has lost its influence on the genuine. 


Grey matter (2) is fragile as it blends easily with the dark. The decreasing saturation causes a domino effect of reduced belief in ethics. “The man who admits the value of other people necessarily imposes limits upon himself (3).” The condition leads to a nihilistic mirage. Where morality is replaced with unconditional freedom. Generating an unscrupulous want to demolish familiar features. Aiming for those easily abused. The pleasantly understated indifference accumulates the violence effortlessly whilst tearing their comfortable recognitions apart. Reevaluating the composition of their qualities, before reconstructing them back into uncanny interpretations of themselves.


“The greatest suffering of others always counts for less than my own pleasure. What matter if I must purchase my most trivial satisfaction through a fantastic accumulation of wrongdoing? For my satisfaction gives me pleasure, it exists in myself, but the consequences of crime do not touch me, they are outside me” (4).


The eye travels in search for somewhere pleasant to lay its rest. Striving to please its hungry ego. Selectively choosing between the most favored flavors. Driven by a grotesque curiosity to explore the inner glimmer of the gem. Eager to find out whether the inside is just as stimulating. ”Beauty is desired in order that it may be befouled; not for its own sake, but for the joy brought by the certainty of profaning it”(5). The dissection is by no means disgusting. The scenery is highly spectacular. Offering a great pleasure in viewing the fresh intensity of disclosure. Exploiting the vulnerability by distorting the character, making it a victim of its own symbolism. Transformed to juxtapose itself. Violated by the alienated context.


The scenery is constructed as a two-way mirror. Either side is both the spectator and the one being observed. Lucidity lies latent on the surface. Nevertheless, this detection is not obvious. Bestiality plays parallel roles. It inhabits the criticizer read through the symbolism of the crime, and pities the criticized by identifying with the exterior of the violated, and the circumstances of its situation. The presuppositions are attacked by the occupation of their skin. Causing the established reflection to ricochet. In vain it becomes a representation for its own demolished conviction.


Picture it. Glossy plastic tightly wrapping a juicy piece of newly slaughtered, blood drained, breathless meat. Vacuum bursts. The scatters put all perspectives out. Its captivations will remain secrets. Yet it will serve life as it’s being lived. By no means repressed. It’s advertisement’s Rolls Royce. A method so powerfully effortless. Too grotesque to grasp. And hence how beautifully naïve we vogue.


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2:, Grey matter (Substantia grisea) is a major component of the central nervous system, consisting of neuronal cell bodies, neuropil, glial cells and capillaries. The grey matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions and speech, 4/3-2013.

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